Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hilton Head, Day 3

 As you can probably guess, this was the night we went to our very favorite restaurant in the world, The Wreck of the Salty Dog.  What can I say?  We stayed with our YOLO theme and went for it because Salty Dog is on a cute little marina that wouldn't be as much fun in the rain.  We were worried that future nights would be stormy.

We started the day with a little friendly condo screen time for the kids and online adjunct class work time for the parents.  Fun times.
 We hit the beach nice and early and snagged our favorite chairs before we-- as Dorothy said-- "hit the waves" in our inner tubes.
 The boys went with matching swim gear.

 For a few lovely minutes, they all played together and Ben and I relaxed in our chairs.  Heavenly.
 We went back to the condo pool before lunch to deposit some of our sand
 And everybody switched swimwear for the afternoon.
 I have to say that I am not usually an ocean swimmer.  I kind of really hate to swim with fish.  BUT!  The kids LOVED the ocean so much that Ben and I were bobbing in waist-high water with waves that broke over our heads all day long.  The last time I got head-to-toe wet with saltwater was our honeymoon, which made me want to get my crazy shit on a plane and take the kids to the Caribbean.
Cooper and Harry discovered the magic of the witch castle and payed for hours together in the sand.  It was adorable.
 When we first came here, jack was younger than Dorothy is now; Cooper was not even 1, and Dorothy was a postive pregnancy test we were still keeping a secret.  And now look at them!  Giants!
 Cooper ordered the kids' "seshul" which was a corn dog.
 The Salty Dog cocktail is worth the whole trip.
 Even Dorothy was reasonably well behaved.
 See?  It;s a magical place?  EVERYONE WAS HAPPY the WHOLE TIME.
 We even asked 2 different strangers to take our pictures.

Hilton Head is the best, you guys.  So sandy.  So preppy.  So many palm trees.

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