Wednesday, August 02, 2017

General Whining (that could totes be my secret service code name, BTW)

Most of the other moms look cute at swim lessons.  Think Lululemon and sun dresses or those J Crew mom shorts with eyelet tops.  NOT ME.  I literally wear whatever I just worked out in, which is usually one of three pairs of stupid running shorts and the t-shirt I blindly chose from my top drawer.  SO DREAMY.
 We went on a picnic, and I have this terrific picture of the kids crowded around my friend's baby like she's the main course and they're about to devour her, but I don't want to put a picture of my friend's baby on the Internet because I can only destroy the privacy of my own children.  So.

Everyone was crabby, so we had ice cream.  Emotional eating FTW!
 I am a sucker for a kid in chlorine pig tails and neon tennis shoes.  What can I say?

It's that weird time of summer where I am kind of bored of the pool but also totally aware that our summer days are numbered, so I miss it even as I don't want to go.

We are looking forward to vacation next week, but it seems kind of silly to take a vacation FROM my vacation.

Harry had a totally wonderful time at tackle football camp (where they did not practice tackling or even wear pads and helmets-- they just did skill drills) but then we OF COURSE did not sign him up for football because we are clearly trying to ruin his life.  And I obviously don't think it's a good idea for a little kid to play football, but more than that (because I am selfish), I am just so happy to have a little bit of down time between all-star baseball and hockey season that all I can really commit to is rec league flag football and some fall baseball.

School for the kids starts on 9/5, and online registration is supposed to start today, but the WEBSITE IS DOWN.  Gah.  Type-A me is kind of freaking out.

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  1. I'm with you. Summer is for wearing whatever. I'll start buttoning pants again when it's not a thousand degrees outside.

  2. My family and I totally support you not signing Harry up for football. Here in Pittsburgh families happily schedule their lives around AM & PM football practice for their kids as young as SIX but my brother & his ex-wife actually agreed on something!?! No football. The risks are too high, the time commitment is extreme, and the positive aspects of team sports can be found by participating in sports like baseball.