Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Second day of school pictures are a thing, right?

You know what?  If second day of school pictures aren't a thing, then they should be.  And hell, in a little while here, we might even take third day of school pictures.  WHO KNOWS.

I actually saw Dorothy going out the door yesterday and thought damn she's cute.  I should take a picture.  So I did in our ridiculous laundry room that leads to our even more ridiculous garage and should probably never BE pictured.  And yet.
 She poses like a tiny Instagram model.  And also she does her own makeup.
 THE CURLS FELL OUR OF MY HAIR AGAIN.  Today, I am going to not drive to work in curlers because once they're not hot anymore, there's no point in wearing them.
 When you need  jean jacket to make your dress meetings-appropriate, MAYBE WEAR A DIFFERENT DRESS.
Today is a total cluster fuck in the making.  Ben and the kids are driving me to work after we drop Dorothy at preschool. Then Ben is going to race home and work a little and also fold laundry before picking Dorothy up at school and dropping her off at home with a babysitter who will take all the kids to the pool for lunch and hanging out.  Ben then has to tach his class, run home, get EVERYONE and take them to Harry's junior high open house.  Then the whole gang is coming back downtown to pick me up at work and probably eat a picnic dinner on campus.  It'll be our third picnic dinner this week because SPORTSBALL.

Sounds like a scheduling nightmare, but I bet it's gonna be fun.  HAHAHAHAHA.


  1. I love the dress you're wearing!

    I was sad that the days of wild pigtails were over but Dorothy's hair does look great in a bob.

  2. Question about your hair and curls. Are you washing it every day? My hair seriously only holds a curl when it's NOT clean. And given I wash it twice a week that's a lot of times it can hold a curl :)