Thursday, August 24, 2017

Since we've been home

Not going to lie, I wish we were still here:
 But!  We have had a really productive week so far, settling back into our routines and getting ready for school to start in September.

Well, the 3 boys start public school in September, but Ben started school this week, and I have planning meetings and week next week.  And!  In a but of scheduling madness that will ultimately make things easier probably, Dorothy starts 4K at her sweet little private nursery school next week, too.  So!  Prep mode engaged for SURE.

What we've been doing since we came home besides missing the beach:

1.  Buying this amazing ad delicious smelling exfoliant.
 2. Making zucchini cakes-- one of which ate its glaze and one that looked pretty.
 3.  Attending a fun badminton party and day drinking a bit (only at the party.  Duh)
 4.  Getting Jack shod and clothed for 4th grade (FOURTH GRADE?!)

 5.  Making fun of Ben's outfit when he popped outside to unload some groceries
 6.  POOL.
 7.  Staring at the book but not cracking it yet.
 8.  Starting Henry Huggins at bedtime.  Dorothy finally likes chapter books.
 9.  Twinning with Kit.
 10.  Getting everyone a hair cut.
 11.  Watching Harry and the Hendersons
 12.  Trying to keep everyone's eyes safe during the eclipse.
 13.  Succeeding
14.  Taking our weekly library date up a notch and adding frozen custard.
15.  POOL.
16.  Buying this kid some school clothes.  And a 5 Nights at Freddy's key chain for his backpck that seemed really essential.
17.  Meeting the 4th grade teacher
18.  Meeting the kindergarten teacher
19.  Taking Dorothy shopping for a back-to-school dress
20.  Putting all of the baseball and flag football games on the Google calendar.  Crying a little. And then having Jack double-screen to check my work
21.  POOL
22.  Trying to get a selfie with the dog.  Someone needs to brush her teeth.  I guess that's probably me.
23.  FINALLY publishing the podcast we made BEFORE VACATION.  You can listen to it here:

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