Monday, August 28, 2017

Back to work.

 We TOTALLY missed sunflower days this ear. They were all jusssssssst about dead by time we showed up, phones in hand-- literally.

 I have really squeezable cheeks, obvi.

 Dorothy, who loves the texture of just about anything, is not a fan of naked tomatoes.
 Leap is TERRIBLE.  Do not see it.  DO NOT.
 These old Trio blocks have been in storage for so long that they are fun again.

 Flour:  way better than naked tomatoes.
 I got my hair cut and colored!
 Harry put his name on all of his back-to-school supplies.
 Jack and Cooper enjoyed some simul-screen time.

 Ugh you guys I had to go to work at 8:30am like a grown up with a job, and I forgot EVERYTHING.  My parking pass.  My allergy meds  My feminine hygiene products.  MY HAIR SPRAY.  I had to hit up Walgreens on my way to the office.  But you know what I didn't forget?  DONUTS for my new staff.  So, I got the important stuff.

Also, my hairdresser curled my hair and it looked amazing but I canNOT do it myslelf. I have tried a flat iron, a curling iron, and also hot rollers.  Can you help?

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  1. Maybe it's your particular hot rollers? I have a "good set" and a "shitty set" (which of course I still keep.) Or maybe a curling wand?
    Side note, I love your shower curtain!