Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Oh, summer.

I LOVE that the kids are old enough for board games and that board games are FUN TO PLAY with them.

Cooper is really fun to play Sorry with because he is NEVER SORRY.  But, he is also too young to really  target in that game.  Like, I like to drive Harry nuts by ALWAYS sending his guys home even if there's no advantage to me, but even if Cooper's guy is RIGHT BY my home base, I cannot send him back to start because he might lose his shit.  Dorothy also plays but she quits about halfway through.  We have to leave her pieces on the board, though, because she comes back.
 I know it;s useless to be nostalgic for something WHILE you are living it, but I already miss pool days.  Probably because we will be gone for a week and then our real life starts a week after that. If you see me August 18-27 and I am NOT at the pool, ask me what the hell is going on.
 I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. Dorothy is in the water there somewhere playing an intense mermaid game with a friend while I happily read my book and the 3 boys and their 3 or 4 favorite friends beat the shit out each other in the deep end.  OH, SUMMER.

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