Thursday, August 31, 2017

Notes from the trenches.

Yesterday did not turn into quite the total shit show I was worried it would because Ben and I were both done early enough to come home together-- Ben swung by campus and picked me up, saving me a walk to the parking garage on teetering heels which was a total end-of-the-day relief.

Then I could the gather junior high schooler and all of his school supplies and take him to get his schedule.  Easy peasy.  He is in a 6th grade section that stays upstairs in the huge school building (there are like 600 kids in this school), in their own cozy little sixth-grade hallway.  He has homeroom and then 2 classes back-to-back with his homeroom teacher.  Then the whole 6th grade has lunch together, and then they move in their little homeroom cohort to the rest of their academic subjects before having art, music, band/choir/orchestra with other 6th graders.  It's a good set up, I think.  And Harry has 3 good friends in his cohort, so that has lessened his anxiety in a big way.

I still have questions about junior high, and I talked about some of them on this week's POTY, so check out the podcast and email us your advice at  (You can also listen to us on iTunes or on our website).

Baseball selfie:  (Jack and Harry are both playing Little League fall season-- SO MUCH BASEBALL)
 This was supposed to be a picture of Beatrix barking at the mean dog in the oven whose reflection she caught site of randomly, but she ran away.
 My morning started off PERFECTLY yesterday.
 He LOVES taking selfies with me.
 I wish I had taken a bathroom selfie of my whole outfit because I loved it, but, alas.  I did not actually wear that headband, btw.

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  1. Sarah, I love you alot, but there are no pearls in baseball! Real or not. :)