Thursday, August 03, 2017

Lazy summer is wonderful

 Summer for me is about finding creative times to to work.  Usually, that has been from 5-7 am at the kitchen counter, which is maybe my very favorite time of day to work because that's me-- a real laugh-a-minute kind of girl.  But today!  I am at the library during normal grown up people working hours-- so nice.  There's a totally adorable group of high school girls working on an AP summer English assignment, and they are having trouble with ethos/pathos/logos and it is KILLING me to not chime in.  In the above pic, Ben and I are having a working podcast meeting at the pool.  See, non traditional work arrangement!

OH SWIM LESSONS.  I love you so, so, so much.  And they are OVER on Thursday!  So then what will we do with our morning?!
 Remember yesterday I said I always look like shit at swim lessons?  Well, today, I gave it my all and dressed up.  For maybe the saddest reason EVER.
 To take the kids to The Emoji movie.  Which? WAS NOT AS BAD AS EVERYONE SAYS it is.  Honestly, I liked it, even.  Kind of like a really watered down Inside Out meets a not-as-clever Wreck It Ralph.
Honestly, though, the kids thought it was great, and since it was $5 Tuesday, the whole thing cost $30 with popcorn (would have only been $25 but I got a Diet Pepsi).  And there are recliners, so.

New POTY Podcast episode is up!  Here's the link: , and you can check out the show notes at

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