Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hilton Head, Day 2

The above shot sums up basically all of our days.

We rented the orange chairs, which were so superior to the blue chairs, I kind of hated all of the people who rented blue chairs because orange chairs were only like $5 more and came with drink service, all the cold water you could guzzle, and beach towels.  I mean, COME ON.

We were again spurred by a YOLO mentality brought about by forecasts of rain, so we sprinted to the beach club immediately after breakfast and staked our claim.

Then we just spent hours playing in the sand and the ocean.  Simple.

At lunch time, we went back to the condo to feed the kids cold cuts somewhere we wouldn't have to worry about their table manners, and Ben took them to the condo pool to wash off some of the sand.  On the way back to our place, they saw an alligator, just kicking it in a pond. Right by our house.  You know, because the pond was basically his house.  Yikes.
We spent like 3 more hours on the beach after lunch and then got dressed to go out for dinner at Harbour Town, located a convenient walk or trolley ride from our place.  Dorothy was super stoked to ride the trolley, by the way.
 Dinner was delish, and it was loud and outside, so behavior was basically a non issue.  Phew!

 The kids LOVE this park and posing on the huge old tree.
 And they were even more excited to eat their favorite island ice cream.

Ben and I finished our night with takeout daiquiris from the Frosty Frog and a viewing of Cedar Rapids on our couch.  PERFECTION.


  1. I love how the boys are dressed like summer vacation and Dorothy is dressed like a fairy princess.

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