Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday Funday

I took precisely 4 pictures yesterday, but you know what?  I think they sum things up pretty well.

1.  My shoes.  The one on the left got washed with some towels because Ben was totally exhausted from driving home from the Sox game and then staying up until 1 because we put the kids to bed at midnight and then stayed up with a hyper dog for an hour.  I ended up washing the other one, too, and they're both totally fine.  Who knew you could put Birks in the washing machine?  (By the way Dorothy calls these my dirty shoes with the foot prints which is about right.)
2.  I mentioned Ben was exhausted, but I was, too.  Clearly.  This was us looking as good as we possibly could-- which is clearly not very-- before our friends came over to have pizza and play badminton. 

3.  Cooper, testing out the Bloody Mary bar. 

4.  Badminton, with Dorothy in the way like she was.

We had a lovely Sunday full of friends and junk food-- what could be better?  We are doing this thing where instead of inviting a million people over who don't even really fit in our house, we are going to have more people over in smaller increments.  I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I love easy get togethers! Turns out I actually like people, but I don't like stressing out about cleaning, shopping, cooking, mingling... Badminton is a super fun idea!