Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Happy golden days

I had the weirdest Sunday.

I cleaned the house and went shopping and baked some muffins and read most of a book and took an afternoon nap.

And the kids?  Were home.

They even helped.

Thanks to a ridiculously cool app, I even got to follow along with Harry's game (they won!) from the comfort of bleaching my toilets.
 Dorothy dressed herself.
 I couldn't find the picture frames I wanted even though I took 2 kids to 2 different stores, but they were so nicely behaved and conversational that I bought them ice cream just for the hell of it.
 And then while Ben and I made dinner (And it was mostly Ben.  I just threw together some Asian slaw.  From a kit), some of the kids colored together.
 And Jack sorted Mount Laundry.
 And nobody complained that we only had watermelon for dessert.
If this is life with older kids, sign me up.

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