Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Even our down time is busy.

We had the most un-relaxing relaxing day every yesterday because our time was segmented in ways that made us run, run, run all day long.

We ran into the pool with just seconds to spare before dive lessons and then sprinted out of the pool an hour-ish later in dry clothes to go to the zoo.

At the zoo, we saw like 2 animals because the kids wanted to spend their time on the train and carousel, feeding the goats, having a picnic, and eating ice cream.  Add in a long walk to and from our car, and we were running back to our parking spot so we could haul it across town and dump Jack at his tutor's house.

While he was at the tutor, I dashed around like mad putting away a mountain of camping laundry and washing sleeping bags and making beds.  Then everyone slammed on their swim suits and we hit the pool after picking Jack up.

There, time slowed a bit, and I played with the kids in the water for 2 solid hours, taking a break during adult swim to float like a Fantasia hippo all by myself in the water while the kids ate the Goldfish and fruit snacks I packed. (But I did have a tantrum about a sunscreen stick that went missing between our house and the pool-- a literal 3-minute ride--when we first got there, but then I made like Elsa and let that shit go even though it still kind of makes me mad to think about because special snowflake face sunscreen does not grow on trees).

4-6 was a mad dash to take a shower, start the pool laundry, and make dinner before the kids filled up on popsicles.

We decided to make an ice cream run again after eating tacos (and I didn't want to get my own cone because FAT but I did also because FAT but then Dorothy decided she liked mine better and stole it after like 5 bites, so things worked out great and next time I am just going to share with her or at least convince her to get the same thing I am having).

And then!  8:45 and all was blissfully quiet.  I read a whole book on the couch before 11 and went to bed dreaming of the hot hot hot coffee I knew would greet me in the morning because I programmed the timer on my pot to have it fully brewed before my 5:00 alarm.

Really that's the only rub about summer.  I need to wake up a good 2 hours before the kids if I want to have any time to work or work out, which means I am ready for bed only moments after they are.

This month, I used most of our cell phone data on social media which is just not healthy.  So!  I set up FB and Insta to NO use cellular data, meaning I can only use them on wifi, and I have been using my phone so much less, I didn't even take it into the zoo.  Con: missed some cute pics.  Pro:  Everything else.  Maybe I should get a digital camera that fits in my purse again and go phone-free more often.

Packing his zoo picnic (he wasn't really giving me a dirty look-- I think this was just a bad angle).
 Happy picnic and breakfast chaos:
 Crafting while the boys dove:
 Reading during the little kids' lesson:

 After his zoo ice cream:
 Ice cream thief:
 Another ice cream disaster
 Sun's out, guns out.

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  1. Ooh! That's a great idea re FB and Insta!