Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Jack is back to flipping!

Yesterday while I was making lunch, Jack and Cooper got out some of the Chatbooks I keep on the bookshelf and looked at all the pictures together while Jack read the captions, and it was SO FREAKING CUTE.
 This year, I am trying to be in my Insta pictures everyday because I am one vain person and also because all of those blog posts about moms never being in the pictures make me feel for moms everywhere.  But! The kids do not rifle through these books to see sad duckface pictures of their mom, so more Insta posts it is!

It's wrong to be jealous of your dog, yes?  But really, you guys.  This is a life I could lead well.
 Also!  Beatrix does not have to make everyone lunch which is SUCH A PAIN IN MY ASS.  I promise from this day forward to never complain about making school lunches ever again.  (And 2 days a week next year I will be making 3 of them because cute little tiny Dorothy is going to LUNCH BUCNH a couple days a week!!)  Harry will be buying all manner of junk food in the junior high cafeteria because middle school is about FITTING IN not eating sprouted wheat bread from your stainless steel bento-- that's what he tells me anyway, and I said as long as he still drinks his Klean Kanteen full of breastmilk, that's OK.  (Kidding, of course). (I only use Lifefactory glass bottles).

Jack went to the pool yesterday and conquered the back flip again.
 This must have been the exact moment where he hit his face last time.  YIKES.
 Another day, another pre-bath room clean up fail because Dorothy's castles were so adorably stocked with symmetrical princesses that I couldn't put them away.

 I mean, this house is kind of a shit show-- not sure what's going on upstairs.
 "Was my room too cute to clean up again?" she asked.  I AM A SUCKER.

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