Friday, July 21, 2017

Office clean out

These pictures are from Wednesday and I meant to post them YESTERDAY because yesterday was a magical day where I got out of my domestic cage and actually got to WORK IN MY OFFICE which was amazing and lovely and grown up, and I DO have a room of my own, but it is not in my house, and that's OK.  But, you guys, I couldn't post them because I cleaned out my office and it was a DREAM COME TRUE.

I threw away 5 large Hefty bags full of just TRASH that has been accumulating n my desk drawers, file cabinets, and credenza for 8 YEARS.  Also!  My credenza!  A big hulking metal thing full of LITERAL GARBAGE!  I cleaned it out enough to move it and hauled it across my office so I could put my table facing the windows because my table is the perfect place to write, especially now with a view! 

I also boxed up a huge box of stuff to be destroyed/shredded and filled a giant hallway recycling bin with paper of all manner.  It was lovely.

To my delight, I found a broom in the copy room, and I swept my office floor for the first time in actual years   Then!  The best part!  I worked on my picture walls that have remained unchained since 2010.  I am going to cover every damn space of my office walls with gummed-on photos--like a real-life Instagram feed.  And I am going to hang up some of my subversive cross-stitches.  GOALS.  I have them.

(I also had meetings and TA interviews, so it wasn't all housework and picture arranging)

But, anyway, my pictures.

Cooper is going to for-real KINDERGARTEN in September, so I ordered him a lunch box that he very seriously customized (color of the carrier and water bottle, style of the magnets), and he was thrilled with it when it arrived.
 He got it out yesterday too, just to practice zipping and unzipping the case and filling the water bottle.  IT WAS ADORABLE.  Dorothy joined in for a side of cheese.
 Cooper has been really into edible dishes ever since Harry read him a Sport Illustrated Kids article about Japan wanting to use edible cups at the Olympics.  I haven't been able to find cups, but I did repurpose our taco leftovers into taco salads in tostada bowls.  He was excited in theory, but in practice he just filled his bowl with avocado and cilantro rice and gave it to the dog.  WHO WAS THRILLED.
 Tornado warning on Wednesday night.  More storm to come today!  YIKES.
This text stream between Harry and my brother slays me.  The kids do not understand yo mama jokes at all, to hilarious effect.

Here's the wall over my desk:
 I haven't nursed a baby in YEARS-- can probably ditch the milk tea now.  Also, there was some oatmeal in there from 2009.
 The wall over my credenza:
 Ben and I went out last night for dinner, just the two of us, and this is the only picture I took LOL.
But!  Even though I was hungover when I woke up and Ben and Harry went to a baseball tournament ALL DAY LONG and the kids are fighting, I feel so much more optimistic about basically everything in the world.  Date nights are the best, and we haven't had one that's just the two of us in a really long time.  More on tap!

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