Friday, July 28, 2017

Notes on writing. And a little baseball.

 Good news:  I just wrote the first 2 pages to a new novel, and they're good.
Bad news:  Still working on my other book that's stalled and fairly plotless.

In other shame spiral news, I have been dreading working on my spring class because I am creating it fresh and it's really overwhelming.  BUT.  I sat down yesterday with a notebook and pen (so retro) and the wonderful syllabi that my generous friends from grad school have shared with me (feminist collaboration FTW) and wrote a class outline and in just a few minutes, I will write a syllabus!

Such a relief!  I can't make a reading list or a class schedule or write any exams yet because I just ordered a ton of books, and I am still not sure what I actually want to students to read.  But the task of figuring this out is so much less daunting now that I know what my learning objectives are and how I will assess their mastery.

Who knew there was a class outline bubbling under the surface the whole time??


At least until next month when the kids all start fall ball (FML, just a little bit)
 Jack, scoring his final run of the season.  Phew!
My new favorite snack is freeze dried peaches, by the way.  Not because they taste great-- they actually, um don't-- but because I can eat the WHOLE BAG for 130 calories.

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