Thursday, July 27, 2017

Might be drinking the non-toxic MLM Kool-Aid

I am not a huge fan of multi-level marketing schemes and products.  I mean, sure I had my time with Shakeology. And there was my obsession with Matilda Jane.  And I flirted with Young Living oils.  Oh and I still use Nerium face cream on my eyes.  My favorite earrings are from Stella and Dot.   And I will love with fierce devotion my Thirty-One bags-- you should buy them here-- until I die.  Also, Usborne book parties are kind of amazing.  So, maybe my opening sentence is total bullshit.  Except for Lularoe, which I could ever get into, and Rodan and Fields which is always too rich for my blood, I actually appear to freaking love MLM products and parties.  And actually?  A friend was giving another friend back a Tupperware chip and dip bowl the other day, and the bowl was so cool I wanted to host a party right there on the spot.  Jeez.

So, I heart MLM products and parties, and I went to a Norwex party last night, and I wanted to throw  every cleaning products in my house away and buy the entire catalogue.  So, I think I might have to become a consultant.  I know.  Just when you though I could not BE any more stereotypically mom-like.  Everybody needs a side hustle, right?  Do you sell anything?  Do your friends hate you for it?  How do you make it work?

This is my first kid who has asked for a BOOK for his birthday (A really cool pop up dinosaur encyclopedia at the library that's not for check out.  It is also out of print and a million dollars, so I got the shark one, which I hop is a good substitute. ) Can't wait to see him all curled up on the bench in his robe reading it.
 What the hell, man?  (I assume he's buying for a restaurant, actually, but a cart full of watermelon made me giggle)
 FINALLY!  A zucchini in the garden that I could make into a cake.  A really, really, really excellent cake. (I leave out the pecans, BTW).


  1. Lisa R.9:12 AM

    A.) I want all things Norwex too! I tried to be a consultant for two different companies, did NOT pan out, because I can't be that pushy person who's constantly posting on social media and blowing up peoples messages. I feel awful doing it. I fell for the Lularoe trap, but their quality issues and scammer people coupled with their BS no refund only exchange policies turned me off REAL quick.

    B.) That man is the walking definition of one of those ridiculous math problems about the person buying a whole bunch of something crazy, like watermelons!

  2. I'm too much of an introvert, but I have a lot of professional friends with MLM side-hustles. It seems like LipSense and Younique are big ones right now (LipSense is amazing, BTW). I wanted to love Lularoe, but at the end of the day it's Matilda Jane in adult sizes and that seems weird. Now I have to go figure out what Norwex is...