Monday, May 08, 2017


I am so tired that I just pulled up at the library and fell asleep in my car for 40 minutes.  Oops.  And now this blog post is going to be TERRIBLE because I have, like, actual WORK I gotta do.

That's a horrible lead-in, yes?



It seems like a million years ago and was full of errands, work, kid time, and a perfect night with friends at a local brewery that has "backyard" concerts from May- September where you can bring your family and even your dog (Bea stayed home to nap) and takeout food.  It's completely perfect with wonderful beer, especially now before the bugs are out in full force.  Jack had his own best night ever with back-to-back birthday parties at a trampoline park.  I dropped him off for 4 blissful hours of jumping and ninja warrior training, grabbed a pizza, and took the other 3 kids to the brewery.  Ben worked late and stopped in to shepherd Jack from party to party and then met us and we stayed until bedtime (and time to pick up Jack).  It was perfect.
harrytimes starbucks
This is me on Friday at Target in my work out clothes-- a walking cliche.

harrytimes wrapping paper
I went for a real MOTY award when I had Dorothy make wrapping paper for a friend's birthday present using stamps that spelled his name.

harrytimes fairy garden
And then we planted Dorothy a new fairy garden since we killed her old one through total neglect.

harry times root beer
I figured if I had beer, the boys should have root beer, right?

harry times brewery
Cooper "accidentally" fell in the pond.

harry times weeds
I feel like this cup of kid-picked weed really summed up the whole night.

harry times brewery
Cooper loves running wild with very little supervision in fairly dangerous situations.

harrytimes brewery
This place!  So idyllic.  


Saturday we jumped out of bed early and went to have breakfast with Ben's parents to say goodbye to their house that they officially sell on Friday.

If this was my parents' house in Pekin, the kids would actually ride in this truck.
harrytimes truck
 We hit up a nature center, and Jack impersonated all of the animals:
harrytimes jack deer

harry times jack bison

harrytimes jack cougar

harrytimes jack fish

harrytimes jack ox

harrytimes jack bear
Dorothy and Cooper are always interested in trash by the curb, and this bike was NO EXCEPTION.
harrytimes garbage
 Bye, house!
harrytimes bye house

harrytimes bye house
 We had to rush back to Wisconsin because Dorothy had a very important birthday party, and Harry and Ben had a baseball game.
harrytimes panera
She wanted to go to that place with the cinnamon rolls and yogurt tubes and soup/

harrytimes lipstick
She also needed to borrow my lipstick.

harrytimes keva
So cute!

harrytimes super hero
The party ad a super hero theme, and the mom made everyone capes and then they all decorated a mask-- totally adorable and perfect because one of the moms in Cooper's class made everyone a cape and mask last week and where do these moms get these skills?

harrytimes wonder woman
She was wonder woman, duh.



Harry's team won their baseball game, and who knows if Dorothy and Cooper won their soccer game because nobody keeps score.  Except for Cooper who knew right away that they lost, which is why Cooper is the best.

Someone called me a great mom in a non sarcastic way at baseball because I brought a blanket and packed dinners and the kids ate nicely and then went to play on the park.  It was lovely.
harrytimes picnic
 Unlike his siblings, Harry enjoyed a ballpark hot dog and root beer float after the game, so I am clearly not a great mom for real.  He also said "Don't I look dumb" to me as he ran toward the concession stand with a $20 when all he needed was $1, and then right when I said that he fell down in the gravel and the timing was HILARIOUS and I laughed and laughed,  See?  Not a great mom.
harrytimes baseball
 She really wanted me to take a picture of her sandwich face.
harrytimes face sandwich
 Cooper very seriously took his sweaty shoes and socks off because he takes picnics very seriously.
harrytimes picnic
 He also takes jobs very seriously and was THRILLED to help Windex the doors and mirrors yesterday.  About midway through the task, he was like, "Oh, we don't drink this," which made me think he probably needed more supervision.
harrytimes cooper cleaning

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