Tuesday, May 16, 2017

39! Is Fine! So Far!

Notes from a 4-day weekend

(Also, I still have a lot to do at work to get ready for next semester, so taking a 4-day weekend is a bad idea because it's so hard to pick up all of the threads, you know?  I planned to work yesterday, but Ben conned me into helping with the garage sale.  OMFG.  THE GARAGE SALE.  More on that later.  But first).


We met friends at a fun park for lunch which was lovely, and the children were exhausted afterwards, which is also lovely.

 I came home to find the first birthday present of the week (yes, it's going to be a week-ish-- shut up.) from my brother-- a butter churner and board and butter book.
 And the book is full of amazing quotes about butter-- bonus!  I love it and am especially excited to make butter milk since we eat so many pancakes and waffles.
 Ben and Harry had baseball practice because we know how to live it up on Friday nights, so the little kids and I went to DQ, and I even had a cone because birthday weekend=binge eating and drinking, yes?

 I went home and made my own damn self a birthday cake (which was an oatmeal cookie with espresso icing and I lost my frosting bags and had to use ziplocs and they kept breaking and it was  a mess which is why I didn't change the tip to write on the cake. Boo.
 Then we popped the champagne and didn't stop drinking all weekend.  Like, seriously.

 Saturday, my actual birthday

As you can see, I needed help with candle placement because I am so old and there are so many candles.

 My parents sent me some awesome pink Ray Bans:
 And then I drank breakfast champagne and encouraged Ben to hang up literally every picture his parents gave us when they moved to Florida and relocate all our existing art to other places, thereby tripling the amount of stuff we have hanging on our walls.  It is a look that might be best viewed with 3 glasses of champagne.
 Selfie, just because there was a mirror on the floor.

 We left the kiddos with a favorite sitter and stopped by a barbecue for a pre-dinner drink before heading downtown for a fancy dinner, which you know is pretty much my favorite thing to do.  And!  We really lucked into a reservation because it was graduation weekend!


I slept in and woke up to a lovely 6-meat brunch and the most wonderful gifts from the kids because this is truly the golden age of Mother's Day.

 Dorothy made this jewelry box and has been DYING to give it to me.
 Cooper made a terrific little bracelet and matching keychain, but he has been really adamant that I needed a "Fankee" candle with his picture after seeing a billion commercials for them on PBS

 Hack and Jerry made great cards and poems for me, and it was lovely.  We spent the day cleaning out closets for the garage sale (GAH), but then Ben took the little kids to soccer, and the big kids went with to watch, and I drank wine and put away the laundry and got ready for a Mother's Day party with friends.  Also, Dorothy's soccer look is fab:

The DMV because when I turned 39, my license expired.  I was only 31 the last time I go a license, so it was a super bummer to bid farewell to that thin and lovely woman in the picture.  Sigh.  Also, it took NINETY MINUTES GAH.
 We talked about Memorial Day on the way home from school, which made Dorothy and Cooper want to play army guys.
 Ben and I spent 3 hours organizing and pricing garage sale items, and a family came and bought $100 worth of stuff as we were setting up, which was weird but great.  The sale officially opens on Thursday, and we are selling SO MUCH STUFF.  And also, just wait until next year when we will have made a for-real decision about the size of our family and will have baby stuff to purge.  Maybe.

Then!  I saw Snatched with friends, and it was HILARIOUS.  I recommend you grab your girlfriends and see it, too-- so many ridiculous jokes.

 So!  Except for the sate of affairs in, you know, the world, 39 is totally fine!

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