Thursday, May 04, 2017


Kiddie Illness Hat Trick for Us!

The kids are aaaaaaaall sick.  Except Harry, who is very much freaked the freak out about GETTING sick.  Poor kid.

Puking norovirus for Jack., who made a triumphant return to school after being puke and fever-free for 24 hours.  But he still isn't very hungry.  he told me he had a taste for blueberry muffins, and I ran right upstairs to make some.  From scratch.  On a school morning.

Justavirus for Cooper with a sore throat and a fever and body aches and also a headache.  He's sick, and I wonder if his 48-hour strep culture will end up positive.  I even asked the doctor to swab me after Dorothy tested positive because I thought my allergies were acting up, but maybe I'm sick, too! (JUST ALLERGIES) (BUT I AM THE WEIRDO WHO ASKS THE PEDIATRICIAN TO TREAT THEM)

Strep throat for Dorothy.  And you guys!  She is so sad about it.  She's miserable and her fever is through the roof.

I took everyone to the doctor by myself, and it was just as fun as I thought it would be.
harry times sick kids
Dorothy was pretty perky all morning because I gave her Tylenol at like 6 am.  but by the time we went to 2 pharmacies to get her meds (Walgreens had computer issues, the bastards), she was a wreck.  She asked me to make her  a steaming bowl of oatmeal because her tummy was cold and then shivered wrapped in a quilt inside a sleeping bag with fleece pants and slippers on while I made it.   She had a little lunch, her meds, some ibuprofen, hot cocoa, and then a nap on the couch.  Every time her Tylenol/Ibuprofen wears off, she has a 103 fever.  She woke up at 3 am, for example, for more meds, telling me she couldn't sleep because her pillow was too hot but her body was too cold.  POOR BABY.

And now, pictures, of course:

harry times sick baby
Sad, sick baby on the couch.

harry times sick baby
Sad sick baby in Ben's bed

Harry is just minding his own business, staying far away from everyone.
harry times playing guys
He has a plastic bluetooth in his ear so he can command his armies.  I LOVE WHEN HE PLAYS.

Beatrix can't wait for the sickies to go to bed and get off the couch because they are in her spot:
harry times save beatrix
Ben kicked her out because he is a monster.
Ben saw me taking this picture of my legs on the way to work and came out on the front porch to ask me what I was doing, and I said, "Instagram, fuck you," because I am classy like that.
harrytimes instagram feet
But I mean seriously, what would I be doing taking a picture of my feet?  OBVIOUSLY INSTAGRAM.

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  1. I LOVE that Jack has a stuffed Alf at the doctor's office! Hope you all are plague free soon