Monday, May 29, 2017

Weekend Tease

I have not posted since Thursday because I ave been busy barbecuing.  LIFE IS HARD, OK?


1.  POTY Podcast episode 9 is up.  You can listen on iTunes (where you can rate us, please, please, please), on Soundcloud, or even on, where you will also find show notes.

2. Holly Sisk, commenter number 1, won my Picket Fence giveaway.  Congrats, Holly!  I emailed you just now.
3. We enjoyed baseball because it's Memorial Day Weekend, and we are Americans.  I should have made apple pie.
4.  We planted a whole bunch of, um, plants, and the kids are tending to them lovingly.
5.  We found an AMAZING shade of pink lipstick, maybe the PERFECT SHADE, the holy grail of pink lipsticks.
6.  In a Pinterest worthy moment of adorable, Ben and the kids found a bag of shells we collected on our last beach vacation (hiding in our pool bag, actually) and picked out their favorites to fill this hurricane glass thing that we put on our bookshelf next to a picture of the kids on that beach.  NAILED IT.

7.  The kids were WAITING IN LINE for the pool to open on Saturday because that is how on top of our shit we were.
... AND that's how far my freaking phone got in its uploading process.  So I will have to tell you about the pool hijinks and BBQ hilarity later.  I BET YOU CAN'T WAIT.

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  1. As always, Dorothy's sartorial choices for a weekend baseball game are spot on! Her facial expression says it all!