Friday, May 19, 2017

POTY Podcast Episode 8!

Garage sales just confirm my suspicions that people really suck.

While I am happy to have all of this tuff out of my house, I wish we had skipped the garage sale middle man and just taken it directly to Goodwill.

Also, it is like 40 degrees and freezing here, so I am writing this from under a giant blanket.

Also, also, episode 8 of POTY!

Here we are from a warmer time.  YESTERDAY.  At baseball.
That little girl thinks I am a nutball.  AND SHE'S RIGHT.
Beatrix capped off her raging birthday party with some canine custard.  SHE LOVED IT.
And Dorothy and Cooper capped off their night with a sleepover in a tent that was definitely NOT big enough for 2.

This morning, upon realizing-- to everyone's horror-- that I was out of chocolate chips, I made a few blueberry pancakes.  NONE of the children like blueberry pancakes-- how insane is that?
Seriously though.  WE ARE SO COLD

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