Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Our super suburban weekend in pictures.

Pool season means that for the rest of the summer, my pictures will all pretty much look like this.

Jack was the first one of our crew in the pool, but he was technically the 4th person in the pool because a group of 5th grade girls totally beat him.
 She was the only one who would smile at me before she jumped in.
 Cooper went right to work on the diving board, picking up where he left off last summer with an awesome cannonball.

 Dorothy spent most of her first hour jumping in again and again and again.
 She also took some time to read her mags.
 Me, too.
 I broke my no-snack shack resolution to buy the kids opening day lunch of least resistance.  Big hit.  Also, $25 for sandwiches, chips, and candy bards.  A little pricey, yes?

Ben was at home planting this:

But we all met up in time to go to our first of 3 barbecues.

 I spent the morning on Sunday cleaning the house, and this guy helped by fishing all the crap out from under his bed.
 Dorothy needed to try out the old high chair in advance of Baby Henry coming over for dinner.

 Jack is truly the most awesome big brother ever, helping his sister out with a Memorial Day tea party by dressing the party goers.
 And then attending the festivities.
 Complete with teeny cookies.
 Meanwhile, Ben pressure washed the shit out everything that would hold still.
 And then!  DOROTHY USED THE WATER SLIDE ALL BY HERSLF!!!!!!!!!  Huge milestone.

 She dressed and accessorized herself for barbecue #3.
 That's my reflection in my sunglasses.
 Dorothy's a unicorn!  Duh.

Baby Henry at the pool!  Getting out was a bit chilly.

 So was standing at the top of the damn water slide.
 She's the cutest on the diving board.
 And only a little scary swimming to the edge.
 Upside down Harry!
 Backwards and upside down Jack
 Harry the pitcher!
 Wiffle ball!
And there you have it! Our super suburban weekend in pictures.

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  1. Love this! Also, I love your outfits. Super cute but not overly "done" in each one. How does that happen?!