Friday, May 05, 2017

Pictures, links, whining, and a request.


harrytimes meds
Dorothy really, really, really hates antibiotics. Even in chewable form.  Maybe ESPECIALLY in chewable form.  Even though she cried at the mere thought of liquid meds.  FML.

harrytimes strawberry
Cooper, super proud that he can cut a strawberry and not his hands.

harry times nap
Still a little under the weather.

harrytimes ice cream
Who DOESN'T love a sweet treat on the porch?

harry times wtf
My daily WHAT THE FUCK moment, this time a tiny art installation on the ground outside my building.

harry times baseball
My favorite little baseball spectators.

harrytimes super cooper
A class mom made these for all the kids in 4-K, which is awesome.

harrytimes photobomb
Dorothy was really pissed about the photo bomb

So I ate her.

Look closely-- I am wearing the worst baseball game shoes ever


POTY: The Podcast for Parents of the Year Episode 6 Meet the Kids: Harry and Jack is up.  You can listen on our blog, on Soundcloud, or on iTunes, where you can also rate and review us.

Also, I am on Instagram and sort of on Twitter.


I mean, I don't even know where to start. SO many topics.
 Too much to do.  
Not enough time to do it.  
Still dealing with the miscarriage (SERIOUSLY, IT HAS BEEN 2 MONTHS) and feeling like I always have PMS and other symptoms that are TMI but that I may post about next week because people should know.  I wish i had known.
HEALTHCARE.  I just cannot even process.  But, calling my wonderful rep and senator and then dragging my other senator is really helping.  
Also more babies?  Do I want them?  Should I quit while I am ahead?  
And plus also:  Garage sale.  I hate garage sales.  We are having one the week after next.


I need a new Instagram hashtag next week (!!!!!!) when I turn 39.  I have posted a picture everyday of 38 with the (DUMB DUMB DUMB) hashtag 38isgreat.  I love posting a pic everyday for a few reasons.  First of all, sometimes when I am in a shitty mood, I don't take any pictures of my day, and that's not a good thing-- being intentional about pictures helps me appreciate the small moments of happiness.  Second, I love having a photographic record of the year and remembering what we were doing everyday.  Third, my Instagram account is hooked up to Chatbooks, so every 60 pics, I get an adorable album.  SO.  All of this is to say, I will keep posting a pic of the day but would love suggestions for a more clever hashtag for my first annual year of being 39 (Shut up.  I have some unexpected feelings about getting old.  Who knew).


  1. Lisa R.9:00 AM


    Today is my birthday and my wonderful husband had the bakery put "Happy 25th Birthday Lisa" on my cake. So that's my new thing. My first year of forever 25! So wait, I take back my first suggestion! #39forever25 I like it!

  2. Anna Hopkins12:34 PM

    #39andwine :)

  3. Kids are not used to antibiotics and hate them usually. The pictures look adorable. Everyone loves to get treated at the porch. Good one indeed!