Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Domestic tranquility

Mondays are always rough for me in more than a Garfield the cat poster kind of way.  Ben goes to work on Monday morning, and I go to work in the afternoon, and we sort of spend the whole day in a pissing contest over who gets more work time when neither one of us feels like we have enough.

Usually I screw myself over even more on Mondays because I take Dorothy to story time while Cooper is at school.  Lucky for me, story time is not in session again until June, so I was able to use my morning picking lilacs and making dinner.  I was really impressed with the tableau on my counter.
 My friends generally have a pretty funny and lively text stream going during the day, but my only contribution was to ask if anyone ironed their everyday tablecloths, thus outing myself as a loser who uses fucking tablecloths everyday.

But seriously.  We have been keeping the pads on our table so we don't ruin it right away, and so we need to use a tablecloth for dinner and I have like 3, but this was the only one I could find because our storage room us a mess in advance of our garage sale, and the wrinkles bothered me all day.  But not enough to iron the tablecloth because their are limits.

(And because ourMondays are so fraught, I made dinner at 10 am and set the table and texted Ben cooking instructions and still felt guilty that he needed to heat it up when I used my work time make it-- gah, Mondays.)

 This KILLED ME when I walked past Dorothy's room to put away laundry.  She learned these unsafe habits from me.
 I came home to a swarm of boys playing basketball in the driveway, which I LOVE.  Cooper is blocking the 6th kid, BTW.  They played until 6, broke for dinner, and then played some more until it got dark.  PERFECT.
 Not perfect?  The oven fried chicken because I FORGOT THE FLOUR-- who does that?  I am putting this on the menu again next week and DOING IT RIGHT.  Gah.

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