Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some pictures of my monkey

It's no surprise that Dorothy loves Curious George so much.  She is very much like him.  Adorable.  Curious.  Stinky sometimes.  Although George is likely always stinky.  I remember when a monkey sat on my shoulder and head on the beach outside our honeymoon resort in Mexico.  That monkey smelled fucking horrible.  My monkey smells like cake and peanut butter most of the time.

She took a walk with me today, and it was amazing to exercise in the sunshine.  She rode in the stroller for an hour but hopped out a block and a half away from home because she wanted to "help help push push"  And yes, yes that is a Frozen nightgown that she needs to wear over her clothes at all times.
 Showing me her meow and modeling her new (giant-- oops) Hunter boots.
 She kept feeling her toes when I asked her if her boots fit-- clearly she has been shoe shopping a billion times
 Total monkey

I spent a peasant hour in the first grade today doing an art project  for the upcoming school carnival.  I had to take pictures of all the kids, and here's Jack with his patented lipless smile:
 Harrison, who is GIANT all of the sudden, started lacrosse tonight because he is not happy unless he is playing a violent, dangerous sport.  We have an impressive helmet collection.
ETA:  I just made chocolate chip (whole wheat!) scones for breakfast tomorrow, and they look exactly like coffee shop scones!!!


  1. Since the purple rain boots are too large, perhaps she needs a smaller pair in silver?

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Recipe for the scones, please? I love a good scone.