Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Giant Bloody Mary and Girl Scout cookies for dinner.

Dorothy loves Beatrix so much.  It's the cutest.
We had a lovely, low-key day today.
  But then, Dorothy took a 37-minute nap.


I think she hates me.

At basketball tonight, I dumped Jack;s entire huge water bottle in my purse, which was SO ANNOYING but might have helped the giant purple ink stains in the bottom of the bag wash out a little.  And none of the iPads or my phone got hurt and my library book did not get wet, which is good because our library makes you buy the book if the tiniest bit of moisture touches the pages.
 Dorothy and Cooper had some shit food and screen time while Jack played and Ben coached Harry;s team in a scrimmage against a super good team who OBLITERATED them.
 Dorothy took off her shoes and got comfortable, and I drank so much of her shake that I hd to count it on My Fitness Pal.
 After the kids went to bed, I ate Tagalongs, and Ben made himself this meaty drink.

I hope baby 37-minute-nap sleeps for the next eleven hours.

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