Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spontaneous Spring Break, Part 4

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This was maybe my favorite day.  We loaded up the kids and went to Custer State Park to see buffalo!  If you go to the area, you HAVE to do the wildlife loop at Custer State Park-- it was beautiful and   really fun.

 The sky!

 I like this picture so much, I think we are going to commission a local artist to paint it.  And this is not our usual aesthetic.

 (We pulled the car over at a random cabin "resort" to snap this for Jack to take to school for his pioneer class)

 Oh yeah!  We also went BACK to Mount Rushmore for better pictures.

 Uh, I think this was breakfast.

Oh wait, no, this was how I woke up.  Cooper next to me and Harry snoring in the other bed.
 POOL!  (I took all 4 by myself so Ben could work on his online class.  BEST WIFE EVER.
 I love her spunky little personality.

 She hates hotel pools, and I love that, too.

 At Custer State Park.  This donkey would NOT leave us alone.
 Stalker donkey. This is my phone lock screen picture-- it makes me so happy.

 We had lunch in a random tiny town, Hill City.  Lots of wood carvings.

 All Harry and Jack wanted to do was pan for gold.  We finally found a place, but the owner took it WAY MORE SERIOUSLY than we were planning.

 Still messing up the selfie stick.

 Not this--this is perfect

 We climbed all the way to the top of the viewing area (250 steps, and we had to carry both Dorothy and Cooper), and SAW A RATTLE SNAKE.  We heard it, and Harry was all, oh I think that was a rattle snake, and then Ben SAW THE FUCKING SNAKE, and we all ran down all the stairs.

Straight back to Rapid City for a tantrummy dinner.

 Random picture from Hill City.  The museum was closed, but this is cute anyway.
 OMG BUFFALO at Custer State Park

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  1. Okay, totally random, but you and Ben both seem to be getting younger. How is that possible?!?! If you have a secret I think blog code demands that you share it.