Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last week in 27 pictures

Once again. we lost an entire week of our lives to the kids' school auction/carnival.  Chairing a fundraiser is HARD WORK.  But here are the few pictures I took since last Tuesday:
 Dorothy loves Jack's old monster costume, and she adores her easel.  And she's a monster in real life. too.
 Coop got some bubbles.
 Everyone tried to cram in the sandbox at once.
 I cleaned up all the dog poop so the back yard is inhabitable.
 Dorothy's into selfies.
 Cooper has a large gun.
 Dorothy is ALL GROWN UP
 And she loves her new boots, even without rain.
 Beatrix was so exhausted from yard frolicking that she couldn't even beg for dinner.
 It's FIERCE around here.
 School auction baskets logged and written up and waiting to be wrapped.   Ben and I put in several 11-hour days and then slept from 9-8 last night once the event was over.  And the auction made about 5 grand!!
 Beatrix.  Laziest dog ever.
 Dorothy at Little Gym:

 Putting balls away is her FAVORITE

 (she also loves bubbles)

 These two at Target.  Oh my.
 After set up, we tried the photo booth
Ben was so bummed he didin't win the plasma car in the silent auction.
 Dorothy loved us being so busy we let her eat Culvers (yes-- she is wearing my lipstick.  Whenever I put it on, she screams I TOO)
 At the very end of the event-- so happy!
 Taking a break from set up for a classy drink in our garage.
And my favorite picture of the week:  Jack realizing he lost his tickets just as I was taking his picture.  We found them right away-- don't worry.

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