Thursday, March 05, 2015

Number three's number two

My entire day when I was home which was only for a few hours so Ben is the one you should feel sorry for revolved around Cooper's bowels and their lack of movement.

He is totally off dairy from here on out until he poops again.

Our pediatrician said to give him Miralax which I hate to do, but we are giving him SO MUCH and there is no poop except a little here and there despite Cooper's obvious best efforts to keep it in.  So, I will probably be BACK at the pediatrician's office tomorrow, and we go in for an ear re-check next week and then Dorothy's 2-year visit the next week and suddenly, I am the Munchausen by proxy mom again.

The good news is, his antibiotics have wiped out all ear pain and general green snottiness and sore throat, and he is a really happy non-pooper.

And we have these poop books on their was tomorrow (probably during nap time because OF COURSE), so things should resolve themselves (probably disgustingly) soon.

I went to Trader Joe's for fiber fruit leather and mango juice today and spent $100 on total crap because I haven't been there is FOREVER.  Bonus:  Cooper will eat prunes if you tell him they're big raisins but prune juice is strictly verboten.


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  2. May his bowels be free of poop soon!!

  3. May his bowels be free of poop soon!!

  4. I'm in love with this picture of Cooper! He looks so devilish & adorable. You'd never know the kid was full of ____.

    Ok, I'm not a Mom but I have nephews and cared for my terminally ill Nana for 5 months while medications made her incredibly constipated so I have a couple of suggestions. Spinach! It's a wonder Popeye could leave the loo. Apple juice. I don't know if your organic non-GMO stuff is as good as what we buy at the store but Apple juice is a great assist in your move the bowels game. Salad. Good ol ruffage.
    (And I love that Cooper thinks prunes are raisins)