Thursday, March 26, 2015

Deadlines. Bah.

 As soon as we finished with the kids' school auction, I came flat up against a BIG deadline for a conference I really want to go to in Vegas in November.  I have been spending all of the brain cells I have working on submissions.  Tuesday, I even wrote at Panera, my old favorite place to work.  Ah, nostalgia.

Dorothy, meanwhile, got some new shoes, and she LOOOOVES them.  I might have just ordered her some Elsa and Ana sneakers on Zulily, and I am pretty sure her head will EXPLODE when they arrive.
 Also, next week, this is full-on HAPPENING.  I swear to God, she will be potty trained before my spring break is over (or very soon there after).
 Cooper is way too cool, obvi.
 And here we go, the era of licensed character clothing is upon us.  Dorothy has a couple pairs of Frozen jammies and 2 dress up dresses from Disney World, but the other day, she saw the toddler section at Target, and this shirt HAD to come home with us, obvi.

Not a ton happening because of WORK and lacrosse and more WORK.  I am about to go get my nails done-- how's that for action-packed?

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