Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mom Hair

This was my hair this morning when I unleashed it from its shower cap and top knot.  The top knot I wore yesterday, slept in, and exercised in this morning.

 Even though it was a hot mess, it was a long, luxuriant hot mess, and I admit the sight of it tumbling over my boobs and almost to my waist in the back gave me pause.
 Mom bob!

Slightly edgy because the right side is longer because my stylist says she always accidentally cuts the right side longer.  Um, but she charges $200 for a haircut?
Mom or not, I LOVE it .  Love love love love it.  No more pony tails, and I think I look younger.  I wanted it to skim my collar bone, and clearly we are several inches away from that, but it is shiny and bouncy and dare I say chic?  She cut it to turn under all the way around, which is a less sleek look than I have had in the past, and she gave me the slightest suggestion of a side swept bang.  I LOVE it.  Best part:  Most of the damage is gone  (most).

And now I have a new project:  GROW OUT MY HAIR.  Mermaid hair 2.0-- will it happen before my 40th?  Stay tuned.


  1. It looks really cute!

  2. It looks awesome! I think you're right about looking younger (not that you needed much help.)