Thursday, December 11, 2014

Snow celebration and gingnerpeople

 I love reading my blog archives (narcissist much?) because I am always doing the SAME SHIT the same time of year.  My archives assure me that 2 years ago, I was baking my face off, attending Harry's snow celebration, and busting out the Christmas Spode.


But, this time,  I have an awesome camera, and my kid was in the front row.  Score.
 Such a little ham.
 He has been practicing his line for weeks.  WEEKS.  And then today, he said it n a funny voice and made everyone laugh.  The only laugh of the show.  Mini-Ben.
 Clearly, he was proud of his work.
 And a little bored.
 Oh, that smile.  He looks just like his baby self.  Peruse Christmas 2008 to see what I mean.
 This kid was a WRECK.  She ran in front of the performers, danced and sang, clapped, went up and down the school stairs.
 Dancing?  Stretching?
 Jack and girl Jack
 Harry and his friends with first-grade sibs got to attend.  They loved the snack-filled cast party.  Too cool for school.
 I made an army of gingerbread people, and they were DELICIOUS.  I sort of had to fit my whole day around cookie baking because the dough had to sit and then I had to bake them and then they needed to cool, and then I had to half-ass decorate them and eat almost half a bag of M&Ms.
 Okay, so this picture is totally misleading  Ben says that Beatrix's ovaries must have been keeping her down because ever since she got spayed, she is INSANE.  She eats EVERYTHING.  Jumps on the furniture.  Pees in our bedroom.  THE WORST.  I want my lazy, lazy, lazy dog back. Her pain pill makes her go crazy, so we cut back on it, but now I feel like she is in pain?  We are giving her half a pill and her anti-inflammatory, but the whole pill makes her hyper as hell.  The vet made a note in her file but was really surprised because she said that drug should knock her out.  Maybe since she is knocked out most of the time it works opposite?  IDK, but she's a pain in my ass.

An amazing discovery.


  1. Superhero tshirt + a tutu = totally adorable

  2. Tripod8:33 PM

    I love this! School celebrations are the best!

  3. I read my past posts too. All. The. Time. Im TOTALLY narcissistic!😩😩