Friday, December 05, 2014

Chrismukkah is just around the corner

 I have been meaning to blog for DAYS but then the only time I have been able to do it is now at 9:00 on Friday night when I am TIRED and forgot all the funny things I wanted to say.

Luckily, I have a jillion pictures.

Yesterday after school, we went to our favorite Christmas Tree farm with high hopes of cutting down a tree like we did last year.
 But the pickings were slim, and the paths were icy.  Really icy.  Break a hip icy.  So icy this shit is blurry because we kept falling down.

 We hauled ass out to the field then picked our way back to the cute little store to get a pre-cut and some ornaments.  The kids ALWAYS get ornaments.  (this year we also got this plastic tray thing that looks like a sled to go under the tree which is a genius thing and I can't believe we've never had one)
 Family photo fail.  Good thing the cards are in the mail.
 Srsly.  She is captivated.
 I was just trying to take a picture of the tree, but this is great.
 On Monday, I took Dorothy to the library again.  I KNOW.  This might be a thing.
 This book is amazing.
 She was playing so quietly I came to check on her.  Erm.
 She needed to wear 3 tutus the other day.  Of course I obliged.

 I took the kids to hockey and brought coco, chocolate milk (which Cooper calls cold coco), a dozen donuts (that Dorothy hogged) 2 iPad, an iPod, and a Nintendo 3Ds.  #MOTY.
 Dorothy loves sloppy joes.  A lot.
 And Ben made the elf crap hershey's kisses.
I finally finished my online class, and thing that stands between me and total slothdom is a few final paper presentations, 19 papers, and 19 take-home finals.  Bring it.


  1. I'm not sure which I love more: Dorothy holding tight to her baby doll while yall slip & slide though the field or Dorothy's huge stack of donuts!

    The family picture by the tree is pretty darn great too.

  2. My current youngest (oh hey, I'm having a third at the end of this month...please cross fingers they lied and she's being born like next week!) is 16 months and he apparently enjoys taco meat. BUT only if it's served off half of a taco shell and he can scrap the heck out of the shell with a baby spoon...otherwise, no thank you, he is not interested!