Friday, December 19, 2014

Disney Diary Day 1: A smattering of first day pics from the Magic Kingdom

Traveling with 4 kids is a pain in the ass, and the drive down here certainly was.  It was SO LONG, and we broke the trip SO STUPIDLY.

BUT (and this but is HUGE), Disney World is the best place ever to take 4 little kids.  We all smiled ALL DAY LONG.  Like a family of Buddy the Elfs.

We were at the Magic Kingdom for 12 hours, and we attended Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party which was fabulous and well worth price of admission mainly because everyone without tickets has to leave the park and also because the parade is AMAZING.  If you go around Christmas, you should buy a ticket to this party.  It happens for free after the 18th, and the parade is the standard nightly parade for the rest of the Xmas season, but the crowds are disgusting-- buying a ticket gets you great access to everything, and you can ride anything all night because the lines are all 15 minutes or less.  I hear even Elsa and Anna and Santa are easily meet able, but Dorothy has a mega character phobia (discovered that at breakfast-- oops).  It was awesome.

The babies fell asleep (Cooper at the fireworks; Dorothy on the ferry), but they were pleasant when we returned to our rooms and ate some fruit loops and mini cupcakes before having a civilized bath and crashing nicely.  Ben and I are having wine and screen time.  I hope to read my awesome Lianne Moriarity book and sleep for 7-9 hours before waking up and doing it all again, only at Hollywood Studios.

Usually, I have to get some distance from a vacation to remark on how fabulous it is, but OMG Disney is the best!  I am already planning a 2016 trip-- that's how great it is.      

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  1. 2016 trip? Why are you skipping 2015? Are you waiting until Dorothy's old enough for Bippity Boppety Boo?