Sunday, December 21, 2014

Disney Diary Day 4: Beach Club and Epcot

 The above Pere Noel asked the assembled kids what his name was just to hear them scream Santa so he could be like OMG you guys are so stupid and wrong.  He was a barrel of laughs.

WE LOVE EPCOT, BTW.  Sure, most of the rides are super lame, but the giant golf ball thing is so pretty, and the fireworks are so great.  And there is SO MUCH FOOD AND BEER and it is all delicious.  Ben and the boys went on the giant golf ball ride last night, and it is lame, lame, lame they said.  But still pretty.
 We walked around the world showcase eating and drinking anything we wanted (which is how you blow through a deluxe 5-day meal plan in just under 4 days, BTW)  The Oreo Rice Krispie sandwich thing Harry has is from 'Murica, of course.
 SO happy to be in the donut line
 But look at snarky Jack.  (He was pissy because he had his heart set on Magic Kingdom this afternoon.  We had dinner reservations at the Grand Floridian, so we figured we could park the car there and take the boat to the park and then boat back for dinner.  But you have to fold up the stroller to get on the boat and both babies were asleep, so we gently transferred them back to the car and drove to the Magic Kingdom, but there was only grass parking left, and we realized that mean heinous hoards of people.  Since we lost Cooper briefly at Epcot on Saturday (Oh yeah!  we lost Cooper briefly at Epcot-- it was really scary.  He was running around the Land pavilion in a blind panic and even went outside in the pitch black to look for us), I have been a little freaked out about watching everyone in the crowds.  We went to Epcot instead since we could just walk there which was fine until it all of the sudden started POURING and we bought $60 worth of ponchos and got to ally soaked through anyway waddling back to our hotel.  We tried to run, but OMG we ate too much. I digress-- look at Jack's snarky face.
 Cooper's week of no naps has really caught up to him all at once.
 I really wanted to go to this bakery to try school bread-- SO GOOD you guys.  I took a picture of it with my iPhone, and those pics upload separately, so GET EXCITED or scroll down if you just can't wait.
 Grand Floridian lobby all decked out for Christmas.  Harry and Jack cannot decide if they want to stay there or at the Polynesian next time we come to Disney.  I want to stay at the sweet little Beach Club, but I fear I will be out numbered.

 We had dinner with Cinderella and Prince Charming and the step family.  Harry was super tired from an intense morning at the pool.
 Not Ben.
 Dorothy practiced her expression repertoire.  Surprised:
 Cooper and Ben both got sun burned at the pool today.  The rest of us are a little tan.
 Prince Charming!
 Stepmother.  She was really, really funny.

 Our usual on-the-way-to-the-elevator dance party
 Dorothy hates the furries.
 She seems to like Goofy, who has a really disturbing FUPA, by the way.
 After breakfast, we went to the pool for 4 hours.  It was amazing.  I floated around the las over over and over.  The boys played volleyball.  Ben and the babies built sandcastles.  The kids ate lunch served in sand buckets, and Ben and I ate vegetables for the first time in forever.

Harrison got a couple of hair wraps in his hair.  OF COURSE.
 This is the huge water slide at our hotel pool.
 It comes out all the way over there by the building.  I took a picture because I could not believe how big it is!
 Dorothy made dirt angels while Harry got his hair done.  I thought I had a rough time and went looking for Ben to take her with him and Cooper and Jack in the pool, but I could't find him, and I was getting all pissy about it.  Then Ben showed up to tell me that Cooper had a hideous poolside poop accident, and he had to throw away his swimsuit and take a towel-wrapped Cooper and a dripping, life vest-wearing Jack into the hotel gift shop to buy a new suit (and some swim diapers).  Suddenly, this didn't seem so bad:
 The hair wraps.  Bears colors, natch.
 Another couch pic on the way to the park.  I take these everyday so I know what the kids are wearing in case they get lost, but the kids just think it is a super fun excuse for a dance party.
 Harry has been dying for this hat for 4 days.
 Sacked out baby with her babies.
 She waved at Cinderella!  A character fan just in time to go home.

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