Saturday, December 20, 2014

Disney Diary Day 3: Beach Club, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot

 Everyone always says the only thing you do at your hotel in Disney is sleep, and that's our experience.  Oh, sure, we also bicker in there while we get dressed in the morning, and Ben and I sit in the far corner of the room where Cooper and Harry sleep (the rooms are really long and narrow) to drink wine at night.  But otherwise, we have barely been there.  Today, we decided to relax in the morning and spend time enjoying the hotel and the pool.

We lucked into a breakfast reservation at our hotel restaurant and met a few characters, including Goofy, Jack's favorite.
 Harry only eats croissants and bacon for breakfast this trip.  Sometimes a little coffee cake.
 He's really happy about it.
 Jack also loves Minnie, obvi.
 Dorothy was a huge fan of the sand in the pool area but not so much the water.
 Coop liked both.
 Jack and Harry spent their morning on the lazy river.
 Ben went down the ginormous water slide.
 Clearly I caught her at the exact wrong moment.
 After swimming we got dressed and headed to Animal Kingdom for rides and my favorite buffet at the Tusker House.
 Dorothy spontaneously embraced Harry in the line for Santa Goofy pics.
 Harry got some new freckles today.
 Dorothy sent the whole 20-minute line yanking out my hair.
 And it's not like she was gentle even.

 Then something weird happened to my camera, and it would't take anymore pictures until lunch.

 Finally, we made it to my favorite park, Epcot!!
 Best tree we've seen so far.
 Everyone was excited, not just me
 Ben and Micky, obvi
Jack has his character cheesy smile down!
The think Pluto is hilarious

Ben wore this necklace very seriously all night.
DALE, randomly.
Epcot fireworks, our favorite.  The holiday grand finale is really cool. Cooper slept through it again.
Giant Christmas Spode
And now my iPhone pics:
Morning couch pic on the way to breakfast
Minnie!  And even Goofy mocked my hair, so that was nice.
Harry is totally disinterested.
Buffet had all her favorites: eggs, strawberries, salami, and chocolate chips.
Jack got 3 Goofy autographs today.
Elevator selfie
Waiting for the boys to ride Expedition Everest and braving some completely insane Animal Kingdom crowds
SANTA GOOFY, which is good because we are not going to have time to see mall Santa.
MOAR Goofy

Dorothy ate a couple of cookies and melted into a little chocolatey squishy puddle
Cooper was an inch to short to ride Dinosaur, so we had ice cream instead.
Cooper was spilling water on the street and jumping in it, so he missed this one.
Ah, there he is.
Epcot is lovely.
We have bought SO MUCH CRAP, you guys.  We have basically been walking around with our wallets open because, you know, it's Hanukkah.  I thought maybe we hadn't bought as much today, but then I remembered we had a huge package sent back to the hotel so we didn't have to carry it.  'Tis the season!

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