Friday, December 19, 2014

Disney Diary Day 2: Hollywood Studios IN RANDOM PICTURE ORDER Because Blogger Hates Me

 While the big boys braved a 90-minute Tower of Terror line and Dorothy took a nap, Cooper and I strolled Hollywood Studios, bought Star Wars merch, and took cute pics.  He also started calling me baby cakes which is awesome.

After ToT, the kids had frozen lemonade, and Ben and I drank frozen margaritas in the curb.  It was lovely and relaxing and felt very vacationy with the palm trees and the sun.
 Cooper approved.
 The lines for baby changing stations in the bathrooms were so long all day that while I took Cooper to pee and changed Dorothy's pants, Ben and the boys had time to buy this Gooft puppet and find a freakishly empty spot to photograph it.
 Dorothy LOVED walking with the big boys-- it was adorable.
 Harry tried to run up this wall outside Toy Story Mania for a surprisingly long time. (so did Dorothy)
 Playing princesses while the grown ups had a mid afternoon beer and Cooper tantrummed because Jack didn't want to play with him.

 Harry chillaxed in the stroller.
 SO MUCH salt on the table at the Sci Fi car restaurant, but at least she did not scream.
 Waiting for our Frozen Sing Along show to begin
 After the show, we had tickets to a party with booze and desserts and a great view of the lights.
 Dorothy just wanted to listen to Frozen-- again-- on my phone.
 This was at our Disney Junior character breakfast.  When she sees a light of stairs-- no matter how small-- she must climb them.
 Dorothy was tentatively cool with her and even picked out a Sophia doll later in the day.
 She waved, even.
 Handy Manny
 Jack joined the mid-meal dance party
 Harry did, too-- reluctantly
 This picture is from our morning walk.  Cooper kept throwing coins in the water to make a wish and later revealed he was wishing for a butt.  Erm.
 Dorothy's nap
 More butt wishing
 They love taking a picture on the way out in the morning.  (Also, Harry is way into pins)
 I want to take the perfect elevator selfie. (It has not yet happened).
 The boys are obsessed with this car.  It was one of the first things they mentioned when we told them we were going back to this hotel.
 Giant turkey legs for lunch!  (Not me-- I had buffalo chicken mac n cheese and a chocolate shake.  I regret nothing.)

 This spot had much allure today.  What can I say?
 SO CUTE when she holds their hands.
 Look at that hair!
 Copy cat
 Bea Arthur!  SO RANDOM.
 He has no idea who Mary Tyler Moore even is.

 Still working on the elevator selfie, obvi.


  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    such a cute cute family , your children are incredibly lucky to have such awesome parents.You really give the world to them


  2. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Harry kissing your cheek!