Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas recap

I don't even know what day it is, and I don't plan to until next week when I have a meeting and need to send the kids back to school (cue the angels singing there).  Ben goes back to work, too, next week, but not me.  Not util the 14th.  I feel super relaxed just saying that.  Just THINKING it, really.

We had a lovely Christmas and have been enjoying each other and ticking household tasks off the list one-by-one this week. A huge toy purge and some room re-organization, a picture project for the living room.  Spending 4 hours cleaning up the most horrific dog vomit and excrement horror scene I have ever smelled.  Ok-- that last one wasn't on our planned list, but holy shit was it a rude awakening this morning, especially because we overdid it on the margaritas last night.

The kids got home from Disney and immediately opened gifts from my family.  Leslie-- they had SO MUCH FUN spending their cash at Target on various video games, action figures, and plastic puppies.  They also happily used their Amazon gift cards from Bomma to buy toy storage.

Jack loves the Barbie Mall.
 Harry knocked out his NYC Legos
 Dorothy jumped her head off
We baked cookies, and the boys left some intense Santa notes
Dorothy got the hang of opening gifts.
The boys have been honing their skills for years.

So much candy
Pretty princess!
We went to Ben's parents' house for cousin time and more presents.
Dorothy loved it!
But she wasn't into posing for  a picture
Christmas Eve visit to Santa
Christmas Bingo
She matches her dolly!
Sitting ON the table for a donut break this morning while Harry went to play with friends and Ben cleaned up dog mess.
How cute is this!?  I LOVE it.

Even cuter with my little doggy accessory

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  1. Oh my goodness do I ever love the pictures of Dorothy with a huge smile! Sooo adorable! (Though her habit of throwing a tantrum in group pictures is pretty funny too).
    What did Cooper buy at Target? Is Dorothy old enough to play Barbies with Jack? I received my first Barbie when I was 2 (my mom was FURIOUS that someone gave me such a "vulgar" doll for my birthday). I was devoted to Barbie for about 10 years. I could spend hours playing with them.