Tuesday, December 09, 2014


I have had the busiest day today.  A thousand things to do at work and then another thousand to do at home.  And PTO tonight and decorating an army of ginger people for Jack's snow celebration on Thursday.  Gah.  Oh!  And tomorrow is the department speech contest, the day I work until 11pm every semester.  Gah again.

But let's just take a moment to talk about sweet little Dorthnado.

First of all, she calls herself Dot which is WONDERFUL.

Second, she is digging our library Mondays, but she has 7 (SEVEN) small plush things that she must carry with her at all time, and they make Mondays at the library a pain in my ass.

Two monkeys, a bear, a ballerina bunny, a baby, and two rag dolls she calls mamas.

She brought me these big letters, and we talked about the sounds they made.  She put an M on her monkeys and a B on her babies, and then she put an N on her mamas.  I questioned that choice, and she she looked at me like I was dumb and said "Night night."  Ok then.
 The whole way to the car, she kept dropping various members of her menagerie in the slush and stepping on them.  Then she made a break for the parking lot, and I had to throw all my books on the ground and grab her by the hood.  Then a  really nice chain smoking man walked us to our car and carried all the animals and books.
 And Dorothy enjoyed a caramel truffle at lunch.  I gave one to Cooper, too, and he said "It poop?  Yes.  It poop.  Why mama?"
Basically, when traveling with Dorothy, I have to decide if I want to deal with the ramifications of her doing things exactly how she'd like (so slow! so many dollies! so much darting!) or if I would like to do it my way (quick! uncluttered!  generally safe!) and listen to her scream.  I usually go her way.


  1. She needs a purse! Then all her friends are contained and easy to carry. I'm blown away that she's doing letters already!

  2. Yes! I know what you mean!!!! Vivian needs cars, trains, babies, and bunnies. Usually I can talk her into just bringing two things or using a purse.

  3. She's pretty darn cute with all those items in her arms BUT it would drive me insane to deal with a slow toddler and her menagerie. I think a purse or backpack to hold her collection sounds ideal.
    (Of course this is coming from the woman who told my nephews that the next one I caught running through the store would be holding my hand for thirty minutes and "yes I have a timer!")