Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring break!

As I pushed my cart around the grocery story today trying not to accidentally bash Jack in the temple (again) while making a blind turn to avoid a lingering solo-shopper and repeatedly asking Harry to stop clinging to the basket, two things occurred to me simultaneously.  First of all, damn it hurts when Cooper yanks fistfuls of hair loose from my french braid and tries to hoist himself out of the Ergo and toward my face, using my locks as a frizzy rope.  Second, today was my first time taking all 3 of them to the grocery store by myself.  Not because I am one of those annoying people who is overwhelmed by the thought of handling all of my own offspring by myself but because I have never had to shop with them and without Ben.  And really?  I didn't have to today considering the ingredients for brownie sundaes topped my list and nobody needs those.  But thanks to early dismissal for spring break, I found myself wrangling 100 pounds of kids on an early Friday afternoon.  Ben is home by 1:30 on Fridays, but I wanted to hit the store before he got home so we could make the 2:45 showing of Mirror, Mirror that I promised Harry and Jack. I am an old pro at shopping with 2, but that extra kid really makes the whole experience more than a third more harrowing.

Spring break.  Ben had his all by himself a couple weeks ago, but the kids and I are off together, meaning I am on my own with no magical all-day kindergarten for a half a day Monday and Friday and a whole day Wednesday.  Wish me luck!

Actually wish the kids luck.  Not only did I run into Jack with my cart, but I set Cooper down to play in the plastic cabinet (for the first time--  a milestone!), turned around to wash a cookie sheet, and heard him scream when he face-palnted into the bottom shelf.  He may have a black eye.

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  1. I was terrified of spring break this year but it ended up being really great. The trick? I lowered my expectations in ALL AREAS (house cleanliness, professional accomplishments, and TV watching) to ZERO and just let it ride. The house suffered and we ate more junk food than any other week in my life, but we survived and had a great time.