Monday, March 05, 2012

An even worse case of the Mondays

You guys, what the hell?

We had another rotten morning.

Cooper woke up at 4 am (after also waking at 12:19, an hour after I went to to sleep-- and do you know how hard it is to sit up and be awake-like for a few minutes after that first hour of sleep-- hard, really hard) and would not go back to sleep.  This is a neat little trick he has been doing from time to time since he was a newborn-- no rhyme or reason to it, but totally annoying, especially because the night before last, he slept from 7pm-3:45am and from 4am-7am.  At 5, I gave him to Ben and went back to sleep for an hour or so, and when I woke up, Ben said he had a fever (Ben, not Coop, but Coop may get one now after an hour of feverish snuggles).

I almost had Cooper asleep at 6:50, but Harry started SCREAMING at Jack.  I almost had him asleep again at 6:58, but Harry came running into my room to tell me Jack had a bloody nose (He didn't).  I tried again, but at that crucial drifting off moment, Jack bellowed from the bathroom that he needed me to wipe his butt.  I am a lucky, lucky woman.

Cooper fussed with increasing urgency for the rest of the morning while H and J trashed the playroom and family room and practiced for the word dawdler competition that I know they could win because it took 17 minutes for them to put on the coats, boots, hats, and gloves that were already laid out for them.

Now the bigs are at school, and Cooper passed out on the home-from-preschool drive and stayed asleep during the kindergarten walk-to-school, although I noticed he is barefoot inside his car seat bundle and smells like poop.

I immediately sat down to waste time on the internet and have a snack, but it is slowly occurring to me that it's time to buy spring clothes, and I am still fat.  Way back when I bought my first round of post partum fat clothes, I told myself that I would be skinny and wearing Anthropologie by spring, but I still have a case of the Old Navy ass, so it's off to the the elliptical for me.  I am sure the baby will wake up before I can even touch this giant pile of essays that needs to be graded by tomorrow (not really very giant, as I only have 20 students, but STILL) because why wouldn't he?   It's a Monday.


  1. Oy! There are so many variables when there are three aren't there? I hope you get a good workout and five essays graded AND a snack and that the poo smell was just a fart and he sleeps all morning for you.

  2. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Is he teething? All mine ran green noses and were a little difficult Bomma

  3. Tripod8:50 PM

    This is so funny! Although living it is probably not amusing at all!

  4. OMG, all that waking up the baby would make me INSANE. I'm sorry; hopefully everyone crashed last night and got a good night's sleep. Mondays are notoriously sucky.