Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Productive day

Oh my goodness, you guys.  I got stuff done today.  I haven't been this productive in at east 6 months (6 months on Friday to be exact).

I finished grading the pile of project proposals from my rhetorical criticism students I have been working on-- and a stack of discussion questions, meaning I am totally up to date on my grading if you don't count the response papers they turned in today, and I for sure DO NOT because I am not grading them or feeling guilty about them until Thursday morning before class.  I even recorded a huge back log of grades on my school's online grade center.

Class was great today, and we did a new thing with some Obama speeches that I have never tried before, and it WORKED.

I came right home to feed Cooper, who was having a bit of a no sleep day.  He helped me write an exam for the smaller of the 2 public speaking classes I direct.

I went back to campus for a meeting and made some really good connections. One.  But it was good. On the way home, I gave myself an excellent pep talk about finally publishing the shit I need to edit and send out.  We'll see how that goes.

After dinner, I made baby food, cleaned the kitchen, and jumped on a conference call all while wearing the baby.  Multitasking FTW!
sleepy, sleepy baby
 I thought I would have a little more physical autonomy now that Cooper is almost 6 months old, but he will not drink bottles, so he and I are joined a the hip.  I did sneak away for a couple hours of grading at a coffee shop yesterday, and it made me remember all those afternoons spent writing in a cloud of that thick coffee smell.  I need more of those.


  1. Yay for productive days and self pep talks! You're rocking the work/life balance, and looking adorable while you do it :)

  2. YEAAAA! This makes me happy for so many reasons. First, because your boy and mine are so close in age .. maybe I'll be more productive soon, too. Second, I feel for you with teaching and juggling and everything and these productive days are so important. Three, you commented on your babe not taking a bottle. . we just found out ours won't either, so rather than trying to force it, I think we'll just keep up what we've been doing and plan feeding breaks if I have meetings. This is all to say, yea! I'm glad you're able to juggle it all, even if for one day. Here's to many more such days in the future!!!

  3. Hurray for productivity! I need some of what you're having I think.