Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am a little annoyed with peas right now

I have not been able to find fresh organic peas to puree for my special snowflake, so I finally bought frozens at Whole Foods.  I made 7 little containers of them-- and fed him one for breakfast which he enjoyed especially when mixed with prunes-- before I noticed that WF adds SALT to their frozen peas.  WTF, WF?  WTF, indeed.  I decided to toss out the whole batch.

Another baby food annoyance?  I can't find organic prunes, plums, or dried plums anywhere either, so I have been buying jarred prunes.  Target was out of 2 brands of organic prunes on Saturday (so I am clearly not the only food conscious mom noticing the fresh shortage whose baby needs prunes to crap effectively now that he's on food besides just breastmilk), so I picked up the Gerber brand (Gerber- never touch that processed stuff), and the organic food line is FULL of added garbage.  I ended up with some Gerber conventional prunes (GASP!) because the only ingredients are prunes and water. Moral:  don't buy Gerber organic.

Anyway, I made and froze a ton of purees on Friday:  green beans, zucchini, apples, peaches, and mango.  I am going to Trader Joe's to find a salt-free pea replacement, and I might as well whip up some carrots, too, since I have a whole other freezer tray to fill.  Making baby food is a blast.

Cooper loves yogurt, bananas and pears in the mesh feeder, and most purees.  He tolerates (sort of) avocado mixed with milk and hidden underneath banana.  He has also been trying to drink from a sippy cup-- no success yet, but lots of fun poking himself in the eye.

He's also still up for a good stroller nap.


  1. Frozen peas are actually normally just as if not more healthy than fresh because they a picked and frozen immediately, so no nutritional value is lost. AJU7 loves peas (whole) as well as other small veggies (corn, lima beans, carrot pieces, etc). So, I stock up on the frozen variety and just give them to her whole and frozen. She HATES being spoon fed, so I guess we are going with the baby led weaning approach.

  2. It's so fun to watch them enjoying food!

  3. Tripod3:47 PM

    All we are saying Is give peas a chance

  4. Fresh peas should be coming out of the ground soon. Check the farmers in the area!