Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ben's actual birthday

 Ben says that Cooper bought him this ball, but really, Ben ordered it for himself.  Still, Cooper was glad to take the credit.
 Ben loved his coffee press and grinder and not just because he is a dirty hipster.  Our Keurig broke a couple days ago (and it was only 3 months old).  The company is sending us a new one (awesome customer service), but in the mean time-- NO COFFEE!  For me, this is not a big deal because I just have decaf, but it has been killing Ben.  No more!  He is a coffee pressing snob now.
 Sports memorabilia-- Ben's fave.
 We went to our favorite birthday bar-- the one where we always have the kids' second birthdays and where we always ring in Ben's big day.  Ben and Cooper went straight to the bar to start Ben's free birthday bottomless beer mug.  
 Harry and Jack headed to the video games.
 We even brought the cake so I wouldn't have to clean it up at home.
 Me and H-- they fight over whose turn it is to sit next to me in restaurants-- how cute is that?
 I wish I had 33 candles, but I only had 8.
Making a wish-- probably for more birthdays like this one.


  1. What a great celebration! Bottomless beer and cake is genius.

  2. So much fun! Ben looks so happy w/ that cake!

    And is it me or is Harry all grown up?! Wow!

    Happy birthday to Ben!