Friday, March 02, 2012


I love a cookie formed with an ice cream scoop.  Too bad I can't eat chocolate.
 We had quite an annoying burst of winter weather today in the form of a pretty-much blizzard.  But we didn't care!  No need to leave the house when you are (im)patiently waiting for BUNK BEDS!

Sent Harry off to school with those green eggs and bacon candies that are floating around Pinterest in honor of Dr. Seuss' 108th birthday, and then Jack and I rushed to the grocery store to make it back in time for BUNK BEDS!  Jack was such a happy little elf today.

The whole reason we got the beds is because I used to look at Legos as a fun way for the boys to exercise their creativity and work on their fine motor skills.  Now I just see 1000 ways for Cooper to choke to death.  So, we needed to get the Legos out of the playroom.

Jack is totally confused to have toys in his little room.

A dresser that holds real-sized clothes unlike the little plastic cabinets we used to have

Playing Legos (or maybe just falling off the table)

Lego storage in the bed's stairs!

Also room for all of the random assorted super heroes and binoculars Jack likes.

More storage that I am sure will soon be filled with totally useless stuff that, because it has a place, will seem VITAL to our lives.

This guy?

Looking all innocent a the camera?

You'll never believe what he did today

Tried to CRAWL

And had some genuine forward motion.  WTH?

I think the BUNK BEDS!  are a success
At least for tonight.


  1. Those bunkbeds are awesome! The stairs are brilliant. (I hold my breath every time Eli climbs into bed.) And the cookies look delicious. Thanks for the torture...

  2. Those are awesome!! I love under-bed drawers so much. That's where we keep all the bulky fleece pajamas that we're probably never going to use again thanks to global climate change.

    And I LOVE the space bedding every time I see it in your pictures. So, so sweet.

    How is the room sharing going? Do they screw around for an hour before going to sleep like mine do when they try to share?

  3. We so need to keep removing toys from our family room so AJU7 doesn't eat them. Luckily there aren't TOO many small things (no real Legos out yet).

    And the crawling thing - yeah. We are there. Crawling, going up 2 stairs, and just in the past few days, pulling up on things. They are growing too fast!

  4. We're totally lofting Jack's bed this summer for the same reason -- the Legos are taking over his postage-stamp sized room. The loft will give him plenty of space underneath to play and eventually, for a little desk. Yay!

  5. Bunk bed are THE COOLEST! I always wanted a top bunk, but as an only child (and parents with no imagination), it was just not to be. Love that the boys have them!

    We have the same space bedding/decor & I love it. It's all outer space & Beatles in my kid's room. LOL

    Love the pictures of Cooper; he's getting so big!