Saturday, March 17, 2012


Ben and I have had an understanding since Cooper has been around:  I get up with the baby, and he gets up with Harry and Jack.  Truth be told, I have been getting the raw end of this deal because Harry and Jack almost never need anything.  The other night, though, Harry woke up vomiting at 11, right when we were going to bed.  I was happy to say, "Hope you feel better tomorrow.  Here's your dad," and go to sleep.

We hung out outside almost all day today-- Harry and Jack blew through 2 bottles of bubbles and did some magic tricks while Ben sealed the deck and fence and I jollied  very crabby (teething?) Cooper.

And now we must watch more basketball.


  1. Looks like fun! (except for the puking)

  2. Glad for once you didn't get the short end. And so with you on the crabby baby end - teething and allergies here. But, having the big kids outside to run off all of their energy - WONDERFUL.

  3. I hate deck staining weekend because it means Josh doesn't help me do anything at all. I'd rather have a yucky deck!

  4. boo to puking!

    Great back yard! Looks like a fantastic place for adventures!c