Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Working on his forward roll

Finally a fairly reliable sitter.

You know what would make those circles under his eyes go away?  Sleeping past 4 am.  His new trick is to NOT sleep past 4 am.  Cute.

Jack needed to fix Cooper's bowtie.


We've been playing so much Jenga.

He's so tough

They both are

The first year Jack manned up and got in the picture.


Chiconky said...

Where did you find that bunny!?

Becca said...

LOL "OMFG a duck!"

Tripod said...

Jack manned up & sat on the bunny's lap! Congratulations

Michelle M. said...

LOVE the bunny pic! They're getting so big!

Brooke said...

Why is the Easter bunny so scary looking? Such big boys you have now!