Thursday, March 08, 2012

Coffee with Jack


6 months of interrupted sleep is starting to make me angry.

I sniped at Ben all morning and realized my face was screwed up in a perma-frown as I took Jack to school this morning on my (late! always late!) way to campus.  I saw him looking a bit furrowed in the back seat, holding his lunch box with 2 mittened hands, so I knew an immediate trip to Starbucks for some sugar was in order (the baby weight!  why won't it go away?)

At school, he wanted to take a walk to finish his doughnut (which is still in my car waiting for the post-lunch ride home because, as you will see, he got cold).

My coffee date with Jack:

I felt much better after that.


  1. That is so incredibly sweet. That there is a good PSA for having kids. Thanks, Sarah.