Saturday, July 17, 2010


So, despite my best efforts, I am tan.

Jack, my pasty little monkey who uses the same sunscreen I do, is not tan. Harry is a little tan. Ben has had six forehead sunburns.

We went for a walk on campus by the lake today, taking turns hauling 70 pounds of kid in a wagon.

Harry brought his binoculars. For bird watching.

I wish Ben had been standing a little farther away when I took this, so it would have looked like he was holding up that little clump of trees.

Harry. Can swim. Really swim, with kicks and strokes-- he can float on his back and dive and jump and swim under the rope and have tea parties on the bottom of the pool and do canon balls and backwards summersaults. He practices these skills everyday for at least 2 hours. Which is how come I am tan.


  1. love that picture of Ben almost holding the trees! LOL

    so great that Harry is such a good swimmer! I have got to get Ethan into swim lessons!

    I'm tan, too. I wear sunscreen every day, all over me. I just tan. Ethan has a farmer's tan, too. No matter what I do. Sigh.

  2. I don't tan; I BURN. Like crispy burn. It's so difficult to slather sunscreen on Sutton, he kicks and screams. But it's necessary. They'll thank us later when they don't get skin cancer or have leathery skin!
    How's Jack doing with swim lessons?

  3. Cory-- he's okay. We take them every morning at our pool, and he's kind of crabby if it's cool and cloudy, but when we go swimming on the afternoons, he's great-- jumping in over his head, blowing bubbles, etc. How's Sutton doing w/ lessons?