Monday, July 05, 2010

What if the Hokey Pokey IS What It's All About?

Jack and I did the hokey pokey at baby swim lessons this morning while Harry swam with other level 2-ers and was happier than he is anywhere else. The kid loves water.

He smiled the whole time

Jack and I were more pensive.

I was waiting for him to have the mother of all tantrums, actually. Like he did at our once-a-week indoor lessons. He freaked so bad our first week of indoor lessons that we got out of the pool and haven't been back (Harry goes happily by himself, and Jack and I watch from the bleachers). I decided I didn't want to make him scream. I think he hated the loud, cold pool. He;s a great swimmer when we go to the pool outside-- maybe indoor swimming is not his thing. Not worth a half-hour of fit, that's for sure.
He was great today (thank goodness because we have lessons everyday for the rest of the month), and he loved jumping off the side. I, however, am either super wussy or a huge drama queen. How can the weight of one tiny toddler hurling himself at me cause me to do a Matrix-style back bend?

Hope you had a great weekend. We're still enjoying ours, lazy-style. I'll be back with more pictures soon because we had a killer time being extremely low-key and eating. A lot.


  1. "Matrix style back bend"......awesome. Hilarious, in fact. Eugene is taking Bella to swim lessons, poor Mia gets the shaft. Maybe next year!

  2. Glad that Jack didn't freak out at lessons. Sutton is doing better, but it's baby steps the whole way. Ditto about the back thing, I think it's the force of their little bodies hurtling toward you that makes you bend like that.

  3. Mine are on the way to the pool right now with Ryan. I'm going to make cookies. Glad Jack is happy in the outside pool. Can't say I blame him!

  4. We just finished a two-week "Almost 3" swimming class, which is designed for just 2 year olds. You can imagine the pandemonium THAT was. On day 3, the other moms and I decided to trade babies and that miraculously stopped all tantrums and clinginess. I"m glad to read this and know mine's not the only one who fu-reaked out in water!

  5. that is an impressive Matrix back bend.

    I have to sign E up for swim lessons before the end up summer. Dread. it. but this is encouraging!